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Buy a used saddles on warranty

You think it is sometimes difficult to find a good horse saddle. But have you thought about used saddles? Between the cheap saddle sufficient for occasional use and the top quality saddle for a greater need, there is always a good deal to be found among the horse saddle announcements.

Equitack, the specialist of quality used saddles

The saddles are classified by type of equestrian disciplines: saddle of obstable / jumping, dressage saddle, mixed saddle, saddle western, saddle for the cross, saddle for endurance, saddle of rando, saddle of amazon, saddle of pony , Racing saddle, ... in short, there are as many types of saddle as passions through riding. Also, Equitack offers horse saddles, whether you are professional or particular, experienced or beginner, passionate or curious.

Choose a suitable saddle

If after ordering a saddle on our online shop, this one proved not to be adapted, you have the possibility to return it to us. You have 7 days to try yours and two days to return it with the guarantee to be totally refunded.
Beyond the pleasure she gives her rider, the saddle is a very important if not primordial element to ride a horse. As much as the riding can be a real pleasure in good conditions, as much the inconvenience will be important if the comfort is not with the rendezvous. The saddle must be adapted to your morphology but also to that of your horse. Moreover, even if it is obvious, the saddle must correspond to the discipline that you practice, or failing to be versatile to allow you to climb in good conditions.

Finally, all the riders know well, a saddle must be well maintained, cleaned and lubricated regularly to keep it for many years (buying a good saddle is often an important investment), but also out of respect for your Horse: riding a well cared horse with clean material should be the minimum attention of any rider.

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